SSC JE Salary, SSC JE In hand Salary 2024, Job Profile, Perks & Allowances

The specifics of the SSC JE Salary 2024 are something that many applicants who applied for the exam may be interested in knowing. We are here to provide you with all the details about the SSC JE Salary. The number of openings for new applicants in various positions will be made public by the Staff Selection Commission’s authority. The SSC JE Salary data are provided in this post by Freshersnow. All of the information on the SSC JE Salary Slip, SSC JE Salary In Hand, SSC JE Salary and Allowances, and Job Profile has been arranged. Under the Group-B Non-gazetted category, all of the SSC JE chosen candidates will fall. Additionally, the applicants will be assigned to various government agencies and divisions.

Salary for SSC JE in 2024

A key component that draws in potential applicants and acts as a strong incentive for them to pursue an alluring benefits package is the wage. This post provides applicants with a convenient overview of the SSC JE Salary, which includes a complete framework that includes benefits, allowances, job description, and more. The SSC JE Salary and other related information are fully summarised for applicants here.

SSC JE Salary 2024 Overview

SSC JE Salary 2024
Conducting AuthorityStaff Selection Commission (SSC)
Exam NameSSC Junior Engineer (SSC JE)
BranchesCivil, Mechanical, Electrical & Quantity Surveying and Contracts
SSC JE Pay ScaleRs 35,400-1,12,400/-
Job LocationAcross India

Salary of SSC Junior Engineer

According to government rules, the SSC Junior Engineer is classified as a Group B Non-Gazetted job. The shortlisted candidates would be paid an excellent pay. The SSC Junior Engineer Salary is covered in length in our article, along with information on benefits, allowances, the job description, and other topics. Candidates are urged to bookmark the website in order to get future updates on engineering career prospects and to carefully study the whole article in order to fully comprehend the SSC Junior Engineer Salary.

Salary of SSC JE Following 7th Pay Commission

Level-06 is where the SSC JE Salary is classified under the 7th Pay Commission. After the 7th Pay Commission is put into effect, an SSC JE’s monthly remuneration would be between Rs. 35,400 and Rs. 1,12,400. The net in-hand remuneration for an SSC Junior Engineer would range from Rs. 29,455 to Rs. 33,907 after deducting all relevant deductions. It is important to remember that the 7th CPC’s rules are used to set the pay of government workers, including SSC JE.

Salary of SSC JE In Hand

The in-hand SSC JE Salary 2024 is shown in tabular form below. The table below provides applicants with a thorough grasp of the SSC JE Salary 2024, in accordance with the norms established by the 7th Pay Commission.

SSC JE Salary 2024
Basic PayRs. 35,400/-
Grade PayRs. 4,200/-
Pay ScaleRs 35,400 – Rs. 1,12,400/-
Pay LevelLevel – 06
In Hand SalaryRs. 29,455 to Rs. 33,907/-
House Rent Allowances (HRA)X city (24%) – 8496
Y city (16%) – 5664
Z city (8%) – 2832
Dearness Allowances (DA)(17%) – 6018
Travel AllowancesCities – 3600
Other Places – 1800
Gross Salary Range (Approx.)X City – Rs. 53,514/-
Y City – Rs. 50,682/-
Z City – 46,050/-

SSC Junior Engineer Salary Department-wise

In this section, we have given the details of the SSC Junior Engineer Salary Department-wise. Have a glance over the table. Here you go:

SSC JE Salary Department-wise 
Department namePost NameSSC JE Grade Pay(in Rs.)SSC JE Gross Salary(in Rs.)SSC JE Inhand Salary(in Rs.)
CWC (Central Water Commission)Junior Engineer (Civil)420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
CWC (Central Water Commission)Junior Engineer (Mechanical)420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
CPWD (Central Public Works Department)Junior Engineer (Civil)420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
CPWD (Central Public Works Department)Jr Engineer (Electrical)420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
DP (Department of Post)Junior Engineer (Civil)420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
DP (Department of Post)Junior Engineer (Electrical)420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
MES (Military Engineering Service)Mechanical Junior Engineer420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
MES (Military Engineering Service)JE Quantity Surveying and Contract420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907

Benefits & Allowances for SSC JE

Employees of SSC JE’s many divisions will get payment in addition to other advantageous benefits and allowances. The SSC JE Salary In Hand will immediately be increased by these. View this section’s SSC JE Benefits and Allowances:

Classification of Cities/Towns according to the House Rent Allowance Rate

The dwelling allowances will be added by the authorities to the monthly basic salary. House Rent Allowance (HRA) acceptance will be similar in X cities (24%), Y cities (16%), and Z cities (8%).

House Rent Allowance, or HRA

The House Rent Allowance varies depending on the location. It is dependent upon where the worker resides. Typically, it will be higher in the cities of X and Y than in Z. Z will get Rs 1,800, Y Rs 3,600, and X Rs 5,400 in house rent allowance.

Allowance for Dearness

The Dearness payment’s base salary, as determined by the 7th salary Commission, is 28% of the cost of living adjustment payment. The Dearness Allowance will increase by 25%, meaning that the HRA in X, Y, and Z cities will be modified from 27%, 18%, and 9%, respectively. Additionally, when the DA surpasses 50%, the changes to 30%, 20%, and 10%.

Allowance for Travel

The travel allowance will be determined by measuring the distance between the employee’s residence and place of employment. Should fieldwork be required, the government will cover the extra costs under the workers’ travel allowance.

Medical Deduction

The official has set up a medical stipend to care for every working employee in the railway department. These medical benefits will be provided as ongoing costs. In an emergency, the government will provide a helping hand.

Additional Special Dispensations

All SSC Junior Engineers get additional perks and allowances, such as paid time off and recreational opportunities.

Salary Slip for SSC JE

One of the most important papers that every employee has to have is the SSC JE salary slip. Each month, the SSC JE Salary Slip will be sent as documentation. The SSC JE Salary Slip will be useful while applying for credit cards, loans, and other loans. The allowances list is put on the SSC JE Salary Slip by the authorities. Let’s look at the list provided below.

  • Basic pay
  • DA
  • HRA
  • FPA
  • Miscellaneous
  • Earning and Deduction
  • Net Salary

Job Profile for SSC Junior Engineers

Understanding the SSC JE Job Profile is a good idea before applying for any jobs. The SSC JE has a wide range of duties within the department to do. Three distinct streams are visible: civil, mechanical, and electrical. As a result, each SSC JE employee will have responsibilities that must be completed. The duties and positions of an SSC Junior Engineer are listed below. Take a look at them:

Oversight of Work

The engineers must oversee, comprehend, and adhere to all organisational tasks and aims from the outset of the SSC JE.


The staff members must estimate and schedule the renovation and repair work. You must manage the task while ensuring that the employees understand it.


The worker will be in charge of keeping track of all work invoices under the contractor’s supervision. Additionally, they are responsible for supporting the accounting procedure that the division he works for maintains.

Execution of the Scheme

Every working person must be aware of the government-allotted programmes. Additionally, these plans must function properly. Junior engineers are a crucial component of government programmes, and they will be carrying out every duty.

Providing Support for Seniors

The daily actions should be reported to the superiors by the SSC JE. The portions that they were in charge of will be handled by the SSC JE. Additionally, the seniors must provide a short explanation of what is going on in the department.

Technical proficiency

For the purpose of the graduation, every employee had to be aware of all the technical details. And in their line of employment, these workers will put their technological expertise to use.

Upkeep of the Equipment

The organization’s equipment has to be maintained and safeguarded by the SSC Junior Engineers.

Application of Design

The staff members must put the designs into practice utilising CAD or modelling software.

Communication with vendors

For the simplest goods, communication between the suppliers and all SSC Junior engineers is necessary.

Conduct studies

The officials should periodically do study in order to enhance the organization’s present procedures.

Test Items

The staff members are required to test the items and record how well they function under various circumstances. This will not be the same as the files you are dealing with in the mechanical, electrical, or civil fields.

Compose Reports

The reports must be kept up to date and sent to the seniors. This will assist the supervisors in understanding the specifics of the equipment and kit’s operation.

Examine information

Employees of SSC JE sometimes have to do in-depth study on certain subjects and assess scientific data.

Growth and Promotion of SSC JE

According to government laws, those chosen as Junior Engineers via the SSC JE Recruitment may anticipate good prospects for professional advancement. Many variables, including job performance, reservation policies, and seniority, affect how far along a candidate advances in the SSC JE Career Growth programme. For SSC Junior Engineers, the promotion ladder is set up as follows:

  • Senior Divisional Engineer
  • Divisional Engineer
  • Assistant Divisional Engineer
  • Senior Section Engineer
  • Junior Engineer

As individuals gain experience, demonstrate excellence in their roles, and adhere to the specified criteria, they can advance through these designations, furthering their career prospects within the organization.

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