PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary, PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary Structure 2024, Job Profile

PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary, The PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary is the subject of this article. Applicants who want to learn all there is to know about the PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary Slip should read this post. The job profile and remuneration data for PGIMER staff nurses have been made public by the administration of the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER).

Salary of PGIMER Staff Nurses

The specifics of PGIMER Staff Nurse Job Profile, PGIMER Staff Nurse Career Growth, and PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary Structure are covered in the parts that follow on this page. We kindly ask all prospective candidates to read this post in order to learn about the PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary Structure.

Salary Structure for Staff Nurses at PGIMER

The specifics of the Salary structure must be known by the candidates who are chosen for the PGIMER Staff Nurse position. The table below includes information about PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary Allowances.

Salary Components
Dearness Allowance
House Rent Allowance
Canteen allowance
Children education allowances
Family planning allowance
Medical allowances

Annual Package for Staff Nurses at PGIMER

The organisation will Salary the applicants’ monthly PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary if they are appointed as PGIMER Staff Nurses. The PGIMER Staff Nurse Annual Package for the chosen applicants varies from Rs. 300000 to Rs. 450000; the amount is determined by the candidates’ seniority and performance.

PGIMER Staff Nurse in Hand Salary

The PGIMER Staff Nurse In Hand Salary is the monthly Salary that the staff nurse receives after deductions. The Salary of the PGIMER Staff Nurse is Rs. 31,500.

The Job Profile of PGIMER Staff Nurses

The following is a list of the tasks and obligations of a PGIMER Staff Nurse.

  • Maintaining effective, efficient, and excellent nursing care for every patient is the responsibility of the PGIMER Staff Nurse.
  • Candidates assigned to PGIMER Staff Nurse positions must ensure that every patient is as comfortable as possible.
  • PGIMER Staff Nurses are required to uphold confidentiality and privacy at all times.
  • The chosen applicants for PGIMER Staff Nurse positions possess precise illness assessments for a range of patients.
  • When necessary, staff nurses must educate patients about health issues.

PGIMER Benefits and Extras for Staff Nurses

In addition to the monthly wage scale, candidates selected for appointment as PGIMER Staff Nurses will also earn extra PGIMER Staff Nurse Perks and Additional Benefits. HRA, DA are the PGIMER Staff Nurse Benefits and Extra Benefits.

PGIMER Salary Slip for Staff Nurses

At the conclusion of each month, Salary slips will be given to PGIMER workers. The PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary Slip will be used by the staff members for both personal and loan applications. The PGIMER Staff Nurse Salary Slip includes information on net deductions, monthly earnings, PF, and other items.

PGIMER Probationary Period for Staff Nurses

The individuals who are chosen for the PGIMER Staff Nurse position must go through a training phase, which is essentially a probationary term.

Career Development and Promotion for PGIMER Staff Nurses

Candidates selected to be PGIMER Staff Nurses may sometimes be presented with fantastic chances. The candidate will advance to higher levels based on their commitment and hard work. Depending on their success, the applicants will advance to the next level in two to three years.

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