RRB Group D Salary, RRB Group D Pay Scale 2024, Job Profile, and Allowances

RRB Group D Pay Scale, Job Description, Salary, and Benefits At all levels, the RRB Group D is paid at the same level as the 7th Central Pay Commission. Some people may not know exactly how much money they would make if they pass the RRB Group D test. The Railway Recruitment Board administered the Group D test for a long time (RRB). The government administers the Group D test in order to hire candidates for various positions.

The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) will define the job description, pay scale, and other requirements for those who make the Group D test cut. In order to join RRB Group D, candidates must first meet the requirements to sit for the Group D test. Candidates may learn about the RRB Group D Salary, Job Profile, Pay Scale, Detailed Structure, and Allowances in this page. To have an understanding of RRB Group D Salary and all the parts provided here, just read the whole text.

RRB Group D Salary Structure

Many possibilities have been provided by the Indian government for qualified applicants to sit for the RRB Group D test. Additionally, all of the chosen individuals have received their salaries. In addition to the pay, the government will also allocate the job holders various allowances. According to the seventh pay commission, workers’ monthly in-hand pay would range from Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 25,00, with their regular salary being Rs. 18,00. Aside from regular compensation, there are additional advantages in the form of perks and allowances. Examine the information in the provided table carefully:

RRB Group D Salary Structure
HighlightsRRB Group D Salary
Pay-Level of postsLevel-1
Pay Matrix7th CPC
Pay ScaleRs. 5,200-20,200
Basic PayRs. 18,000
Grade PayRs. 1,800
HRA8% to 24%
DARs. 3,060
Travel AllowancesDepend upon location
Gross SalaryRs. 22,500-Rs.25,380

RRB Group D Salary Entry Level Grade Pay

RRB Group D Pay ScalePay BandGrade PayGrade Pay:
Entry Level

RRB Group D Pay Benefits & Allowances

The RRB Group D Perk & Allowances, which are supplementary benefits that holders of government jobs get, are discussed in this section. Examine the list of benefits and allowances available to RRB Group D staff. These are as follows:

  • Overtime Allowance (OTA)
  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • Allowance for Night Duty
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Medical Benefits
  • Transport Allowance (TA)
  • Compensation in case of Holidays
  • Pension Scheme
  • Special Compensatory Allowances (for employees from Tribal and Scheduled areas)
  • Allowance for women with disabilities
  • Daily Allowance (Mileage Allowance for distance covered beyond 8 km)
  • Special Allowance to Railway School Teachers
  • Fixed Conveyance Allowance
  • Special Allowance for employees’ child care (such as educational Allowance, medical allowance, etc.)

Job Profile for RRB Group D

Seven departments Engineering, Signal & Telecommunication, Stores, Traffic, Medical, Mechanical, and Electrical are recruiting for various posts under Group D. Every position has certain duties that employees must carry out. For each group, we have included a few things so that they are aware of their duties. Applicants may scroll down to see them. Candidates who are interested should thoroughly review them. Here it is:

Engineering Assistant Works/Workshop

  • Applicants need to help the senior in the production process.
  • The senior members of the team should oversee the handling of the welding and fitting.
  • Verify that the necessary items are available.

Medical Hospital Assistant

  • Cleanliness is important for medical equipment.
  • Taking care of the ailing passengers in treatment time
  • Handling medical aids and their requirement in the stations

Grade IV Track Maintainer (Mechanical)

  • Examining the track conditions to see whether any little adjustments, such as tightening, need to be made.
  • Take caution while listening to the breakdown tracks.
  • well-kept trails
  • Provide the trains with appropriate, secure, and smooth tracks.

Works as an Assistant in Engineering

  • Make a fresh layout for the Indian Railways.
  • Enrol all rail assets, such as production platforms, sheds, and other structures, in the manufacturing sector.

Electrical Assistant Traction Distribution

  • It is their responsibility to maintain all electrical assets, including locomotives and other
  • In charge of overseeing and managing all power supply installations for all organisational and technical issues

Track Machine Assistant (Engineering)

  • Make sure you have all the tools you need to operate the track machine.
  • Consult a senior for assistance in fixing the machinery.

TL & AC Assist (Electronic A L)

  • Upkeep of the AC and train lights
  • ensuring that the electrical connections and equipment aboard the train are operating

Support Function (Electrical)

  • Watch over all the electrical supplies and help the manager of operations.
  • Under their guidance, do maintenance with the assistance of the elders.

Helper TL & AC/Electrical Workshop

  • Make sure of the availability of all the tools and gadgets to assist TL & AC engineers
  • examining the electrical equipments’ condition

Helper for Signal and Telecommunication

  • Using rail signals in accordance with the circumstances
  • Give the driver a signal after the block portion has been cleared.
  • working under top management’s oversight

Assistant in the Mechanical Workshop

  • It is important to guarantee the coaches’ upkeep and security.
  • should stop any kind of malfunction in the wheel, furniture, or bogie shops, etc.
  • Workshops for carriages and waggons need workers.
  • Maintain the workshop department’s coaches and waggons.

Assistance (Waggon & Carriage) (Mechanical)

  • Manage the Upkeep of the Accident Relief Train (ART)
  • In charge of Interim Overhaul Maintenance
  • Discuss the problems with the upkeep of the BPC Advance Trip Schedule.

Bridge (engineering) assistant

  • helping the more experienced individuals build new bridges
  • Ensure that the necessary materials are available in the right amount and quality.

Mechanical Assistant Loco Shed/Diesel

  • The maintenance that diesel locomotives need is overhauling.

Helper Depot (Retail)

  • Obtain and provide parts for workshops in mechanical, electrical, signal, and telecommunications.
  • Work on keeping the waggons and coaches in good condition
  • Additionally, it provides major diesel and electric locomotive sheds with replacement components.

Helper Pointsman for Traffic

  • Maintaining the railway points or switches
  • manipulating the lever to direct the train to the necessary tracks

Support Function (Electrical)

  • helping the operation manager to make sure there are enough electrical supply
  • maintaining the train’s and the station’s electrical equipment while being supervised by experienced engineers

Promotion & Posts for RRB Group D

Candidates may advance themselves every three years by taking the government-conducted test. Applicants must apply for the Group C test and keep an eye on the announcement. Those who don’t pass their departmental test may retake it. The Indian Railways has released a list of post-wise promotions. Take a look at them:

DepartmentRRB Group D Posts RRB Group D Promotion
MechanicalAssistant WorkshopSuperintendent
Assistant Loco Shed (Diesel)Section Engineer
Assistant C&W (Carriage and Wagon)Superintendent
Track Maintainer Grade IVSection Engineer
EngineeringAssistant BridgeSection Engineer
Assistant OperationsSection Engineer
Assistant Track MachineSection Engineer
Assistant WorksSection Engineer
Assistant Works (Workshop)Section Engineer
ElectricalAssistant Loco ShedSection Engineer
Assistant TL & AC (Workshop)
Assistant TL & AC (Train Lights & AC)Section Engineer
Assistant TRD (Traction Distribution)Section Engineer
StoresAssistant DepotDepot Material Superintendent Grade I
Signal & TelecommunicationAssistant Signal & TelecomSection Engineer
TrafficAssistant PointsmanSuperintendent
MedicalHospital AssistantSuperintendent

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