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SSC CPO compensation 2024, One of the main draws for applicants looking for work in the public sector is the compensation that SSC CPO offers. When submitting an application for the test, prospective applicants are sometimes curious about the SSC CPO In Hand Salary. This is a well respected role that offers a competitive pay, a number of benefits, and the extra stability of a pension, making it a very alluring place to work. On the other hand, the most recent announcement from the authorities states that the Delhi Police Sub-Inspector (male/female) and the CAPF Sub-Inspector (GD) would be paid between Rs. 35,400 and Rs. 12,400.

SSC CPO Salary 2024

The SSC CPO in-hand salary and grade pay breakdown for a number of positions, such as Delhi Police Sub Inspector (SI) in BSF, CRPF, ITBPF, and Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) in CISF, is provided in this page. The information includes the pay scale, benefits, and opportunities for advancement in addition to the overall income after the 7th Pay Commission’s adoption. Continue reading to get all the important details for further insights.

SSC CPO Salary In Progress

The in-hand wage, which consists of the base salary plus other allowances, is the compensation for SSC CPO jobs. SSC CPOs are paid a base pay of Rs. 35,400 and a total compensation of Rs. 47,496. The required deductions are subtracted from the total compensation to arrive at the gross remuneration. Consequently, the SSC CPO workers’ final in-hand pay comes to Rs. 41,231.

Salary Base for SSC CPO

A base salary of Rs. 35,400 is offered by the SSC CPO. Significant pay increases of between 22-24% were seen by SSC CPO Officers once the 7th Pay Commission went into effect. The SSC CPO Gross Salary is now Rs. 47,496 as a consequence.

The SSC CPO Salary Structure is shown below:

Name of the postLevelGroupSSC CPO Salary (Post wise)Grade Pay
Sub Inspector in Delhi Police (Male/ Female)6‘C’ Non-GazettedRs. 35400-112400/-4200
Sub Inspector in CAPF6‘B’ Non-GazettedRs. 35400-112400/-4200
Assistant Sub-Inspector(ASI) in CISF6‘C’ Non-GazettedRs. 29200-92300/2800

Salary Gross for SSC CPO

The Basic Salary plus the House Rent Allowance (HRA) and, if applicable, the Travel Allowance & Dearness Allowance (TA & DA) add up to the Gross Salary. The computation of the overall remuneration also takes additional allowances into account.

Salary Allowances for SSC CPOs

The amount of each allowance included in the SSC CPO Basic Salary varies according on the candidate’s place of posting. Included in the SSC CPO Salary Allowances are:

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rental Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Dearness on Travel Allowance
  • National Pension System (NPS)
  • Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS)
  • Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS)

Additionally, there are certain deductions made from the salary.

SSC CPO Salary
Basic / Allowances
X CityY CityZ City
Basic Salary354003540035400
DA on TA000
Gross Salary474964286440032
SSC CPO In Hand Salary412313660033767

Salary of SSC CPO Following 7th Pay Commission

The pay scale for SSC CPOs was changed with the adoption of the 7th Pay Commission. Level 6 of the pay scale applies to the Sub-Inspector (SI) post in the Delhi Police and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), where remuneration ranges from Rs. 35,400 to Rs. 1,12,400. In contrast, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) pays between Rs. 29,200 and Rs. 92,300 for the position of Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI).

Let’s now examine the duties and tasks that applicants must do in order to be considered for these SSC CPO posts.

Job Description for SSC CPO

SSC CPO offers applicants an opportunity to improve the welfare of the nation. Every position in SSC CPO has a certain work profile. Upholding law and order and guaranteeing security within the assigned area of operation is the key duty.

Delhi Police Sub-Inspector Job Profile for SSC CPO

  • maintaining order and law in the city.
  • arresting people—with or without a warrant.
  • searching people, cars, or buildings when it’s essential.
  • sending out demands that must be fulfilled with for the production of pertinent documents during investigations.
  • looking into any issue involving the Indian Penal Code, local state laws, and specific legislation passed by Parliament.
  • using force to restore order when necessary to disperse unruly masses.

CAPFs’ SSC CPO Job Profile

Forces for Border Security (BSF):

  • defending Pakistan’s and India’s border.
  • giving Indian people a feeling of security.
  • preventing unlawful refugee inflow and cross-border criminality.


  • is charge of managing Naxalite activity and riot control.


  • Guarding the boundary between China and India, stretching from Arunachal Pradesh to Ladakh.
  • maintaining safety at the northern borders with China and Pakistan.
  • stopping illegal immigration, smuggling, border infractions, and anti-national acts.


  • defending the boundaries between India and Bhutan and Nepal.
  • stopping smuggling, international crimes, and other anti-national actions.


  • provide security to state-owned infrastructure, PSUs, and other government buildings.
  • protecting government-funded manufacturing facilities and infrastructure projects.
  • The Sub-Inspector of Delhi Police is in charge of upholding the city’s law and order.

Benefits and Promotions for SSC CPOs

Upon passing the SSC CPO examinations, individuals may get jobs with a number of prestigious agencies, including the Delhi Police, SSB, CISF, CRPF, and ITBPF. Depending on the division one joins, the work descriptions vary, but upholding law and order inside the nation and its borders is always the key responsibility. Many candidates around the country might get renowned work in the defence industry by applying to SSC CPO. Being in charge of maintaining peace and order requires a great deal of patience and fortitude, which makes it a very valued position to possess. The 7th Pay Commission perks are included in the government-mandated salary increases for SSC CPOs.

The following is the promotion hierarchy for SSC CPO positions:

  • It usually takes an Assistant Sub-Inspector seven or eight years to be promoted for the first time.
  • After 15–18 years, a Sub-Inspector may advance to Inspector status, and it may take at least 12–15 years to become an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).
  • A written test must be passed by a SI in the CAPF in order to advance to a higher level.

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