Data Manager Salary 2024 in India for Freshers and Experienced

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Who is Data Manager?

A data manager creates and oversees data-driven systems tailored to an institution or research group’s requirements. Accessing, verifying, and storing data that is required for daily company operations and research is all part of data management. A data manager is required since big data is now being used by many different types of organisations to generate business information and obtain insights into consumer behaviour. Several industries, including the financial, medical, and educational sectors, need data managers.

Indian Data Manager Salary

A data manager may expect to make between ₹1,99,000 and ₹3 million as of right now. A data manager makes, on average, Rs. 839,636 a year.

How do you become a data manager?

A bachelor’s degree in a computer-related discipline (computer science, information technology, etc.) plus one to four years of experience are often requirements for employment as a data manager. For certain jobs, an MBA may be necessary. A data manager has to be knowledgeable with hard disc arrays and mainframe computers. They also need to be analytical, logical thinkers with strong problem-solving abilities.

What is the job of a data manager?

Database systems are managed by data managers, who also create concepts, rules, and procedures and delegate work to other staff members as appropriate. Data managers communicate with a variety of people in the organisation, ranging from corporate leaders to data entry clerks. Typically, their duties include managing data input, supervising data collecting systems, managing helpers in data management, making sure the data system is functioning, debugging issues with data submission, creating data reports, and supervising general data-related activities.

Large amounts of data, sometimes measured in terabytes or more, will be managed by the data manager if they work for a bigger organisation. These volumes may contain both organised and unstructured data. Understanding and adhering to privacy regulations and business and/or governmental norms is another essential skill for data managers, since there are instances in which they handle sensitive data and processes. It is typical for data managers to operate in an office setting during normal business hours.

The functions and obligations of a data manager

  • Organise incoming data files on employees and customers Give each account access to the right data
  • Updating databases and carrying out regular maintenance as needed
  • Simplify data gathering and analysis processes to guarantee quick access to metrics.
  • Create and go over documentation for any updates or modifications made to the database.
  • Examine the data for abnormalities or inconsistencies that could distort the findings of any analyses. Make suggestions for improvements to the hardware, software, and data storage.
  • Discuss any modifications or needs for data with management and employees.

Factors Affecting Data Manager Salary in India

The salary of a Data Manager in India depends upon several factors like

  • Company size.
  • Location.
  • Education Qualifications.
  • Experience.

Five Data Management Skills that are important for successfully managing and using information.

  • Looking at and Analyzing Data
  • Navigating Database Software.
  • Data Integrity.
  • Managing Accounts and Files.
  • Database Design and Planning.

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