IB ACIO Salary, IB ACIO Grade 2/ Executive Salary Structure 2024, Allowances, Job Profile

IB ACIO Salary 2024: The aspirant community has been excitedly anticipating the chance to obtain ACIO Grade II/ Executive posts ever since the IB ACIO Notifice was announced. These positions in the Intelligence Bureau come with a lot of responsibility, including gathering and analysing intelligence data. The incumbents actively participate in thwarting potential dangers to the country and make vital contributions to the upkeep of internal security. Given the increased interest in this announcement, especially with relation to the IB ACIO Salary Structure 2024, this post provides a thorough overview. The IB ACIO Grade II/ Executive Salary 2024 is thoroughly examined, covering all the necessary elements such base salary, dearness allowance, house rent allowance, pay scale, and other relevant information.

Executive Salary/Grade II/IB ACIO 2024

The pay scale for Grade-II (Executive) Assistant Central Intelligence Officers (ACIOs) in India’s Intelligence Bureau (IB) is based on the recommendations made by the 7th Pay Commission. The starting salary range for those employed in the IB ACIO Grade II/ Executive position is Rs. 44,900, with an upper limit of Rs. 1,42,400. The IB ACIO Grade II/ Executive grade pay is 4200 rupees. The base pay and extra allowances, such as the Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Transport Allowance (TA), are included in the comprehensive gross wage. The posting location and other relevant circumstances may cause variations in the total gross income. Successful candidates will get a compensation package that includes various allowances and benefits in addition to the defined pay range.

IB ACIO Salary Structure 2024
Pay ScaleRs. 44,900 to 1,42,400
Grade PayRs. 4200/-
Pay LevelLevel 7
Dearness Allowance (DA)Rs. 20,654/- (46% of basic pay)
Special Security Allowance (SSA)Rs. 8,980 (20% of basic pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA)Ranging from 9% to 27% depending upon the classification of city of posting
X cities- 27%
Y cities- 18%
Z cities- 9%
Transport Allowance (TA)Higher TPTA cities- Rs. 3600 + DA on 3600
Other places- Rs. 1800 + DA on 1800
Government Contribution Towards NPSRs. 6,286 (14%)

In addition to base pay and benefits, government workers may receive extra benefits such as health insurance, pensions, and other allowances based on government laws. Candidates can expect the following amenities and advantages upon accepting the position of IB ACIO Grade II/ Executive:

  • A maximum of 30 days’ worth of cash pay for work completed on vacations.
  • Annual rise
  • Healthcare facilities (for dependent family members as well as the employee)
  • Long-term care facilities (for dependant family members as well as the employee)
  • Education Allowances for Children
  • Government Space (based on availability)

IB ACIO Pay and Benefits for 2024

The allowances that are granted to officers who hold the rank of IB Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade II/Executive are subject to periodic adjustments and are dependent on government rules. The following is an approximate breakdown of the allowances for IB ACIO Grade II officers:

Dearness Allowance (DA): equivalent to 46% of base pay. DA is a variable that is periodically adjusted to account for variations in the cost of living.

  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): Based on the posting classification of the city, this benefit can range from 9% to 27%. usually determined as a proportion of base pay.
  • Transport Allowance (TA): Rs. 3600 + DA on 3600 for cities with higher TPTAs; Rs. 1800 + DA on 1800 for other locations. The purpose of TA is to pay for transport costs.
  • 20% of base pay is the Special Security Allowance (SSA).
  • Other Allowances: There may be additional benefits that apply, such as special duty and medical benefits.

IB ACIO Executive Job Profile, Grade 2/

An IB ACIO Grade II/ Executive is a challenging position that calls for people with strong analytical abilities, an intense focus on detail, and a strong dedication to national security. An IB ACIO Grade II/ Executive’s job description includes a range of security and intelligence-related duties. While precise responsibilities may differ, the job profile is generally summarised by the following:

  • Intelligence Collection: IB ACIO Grade II/ Executive personnel are responsible for obtaining data that is essential to the safety of the country. This entails obtaining information about a variety of topics, such as people, organisations, and events, using techniques including surveillance, communication intercept analysis, and other intelligence-gathering tools.
  • Analysing Intelligence: IB ACIO Grade II/ Executive specialists evaluate dangers and provide higher authorities with actionable intelligence by analysing the gathered data. The understanding and mitigation of possible threats to national security are aided by this approach.
  • Field Operations: ACIOs may be involved in field operations, which include things like interviewing people, gathering data from them, and keeping an eye on events to gather critical intelligence.
  • Report Writing: Based on their investigation and conclusions, ACIOs are required to create comprehensive reports. These reports may have an impact on higher-level decision-making since they are frequently presented to top officials.
  • Maintaining Confidentiality: IB ACIO Grade 2 Officers are required to handle information with the highest confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of their work. They must also follow security measures and make sure that classified material is protected.
  • Coordinating with Other Agencies: To exchange information and strengthen the entire security apparatus, IB ACIO Grade II/ Executive professionals may work with other intelligence and security agencies both domestically and abroad.
  • Security Assessments: IB ACIO Grade II/ Executive personnel may be involved in assessing security threats and vulnerabilities in certain areas or industries. This includes determining possible risks and making recommendations for ways to improve security.
  • Crisis Management: IB ACIO Executives may be involved in crisis management in the event of security threats or crises by offering assistance and real-time intelligence to resolve and lessen the situation.
  • Testimony in Court: IB ACIO Grade II and Executive staff members may be asked to testify in court on the intelligence they have obtained. This means following all legal and procedural standards while providing information in an understandable and succinct manner.

Salary of IB ACIO Post-wise

The Intelligence Bureau’s Assistant Central Intelligence Officer salary scale and the specifics of each post’s Central Government Allowance are listed in the tabulated data below. Below is further information on the wage scale.

IB ACIO Salary Post-wise
Posts NameSalary
Assistant Central Intelligence Officer-I/ Executive (Group-B)Level 8 of the pay matrix Rs. 47,600-1,51,100 as per 7th CPC
Assistant Central Intelligence Officer-II/ExecutiveLevel 7 of the pay matrix (Rs. 44,900-1,42,400) as per 7th CPC
Junior Intelligence Officer-I/ExecutiveLevel 5 of the pay matrix Rs. 29,200-92,300 as per 7th CPC
Junior Intelligence Officer-II/ExecutiveLevel 4 (Rs. 25,500- 81,100) in the pay matrix as per the 7th CPC
Security Assistant/ExecutiveLevel 3 (Rs.21,700 – 69,100) in the Pay Matrix as per the 7th CPC
Junior Intelligence Officer-I (Motor Transport)Level 5 of the pay matrix Rs. 25500-81100 as per 7th CPC
Junior Intelligence Officer-Grade-II (Motor Transport)Level 4 of the pay matrix Rs. 21700-69100 as per 7th CPC
Security Assistant (Motor Transport)Level 3 of the pay matrix Rs. 21700-69100 as per 7th CPC
Halwai Cum CookLevel 3 of the pay matrix Rs. 21,700-69,100 as per 7th CPC
CaretakerLevel 5 (Rs. 29200-92300) in the pay matrix as per the 7th CPC
Junior Intelligence Officer-II/TechLevel 4 of the pay matrix Rs. 25500-81100 as per the 7th CPC

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