IDBI Assistant Manager Salary, IDBI Assistant Manager In Hand Salary 2024, Basic Salary

The Industrial Development Bank of India hires IDBI Assistant Managers, and the compensation offered will entice all qualified applicants. IDBI Assistant Manager compensation, In Hand Salary, Pay Scale, Basic Salary, Career Growth. The Industrial Development Bank of India will provide the salary, among other benefits, for the IDBI Assistant Manager Salary.

There are several advantages to this position, in addition to a respected living, for the IDBI Assistant Manager. IDBI creates avenues for growth with many prospects and a promising future. Tell us what aspects of this article on the IDBI Assistant Manager Salary are helpful. We have included the job description, career progression, and IDBI Assistant Manager Salary in this post. Get rid of all of your concerns by reading the article.

IDBI Assistant Manager Salary

As soon as the IDBI’s higher authorities announce a position for an IDBI Bank Assistant Manager, applicants search for the job description and associated remuneration. Every qualified applicant must be aware of the responsibilities and compensation of the position. That means that candidates have time to get ready. The IDBI Bank Assistant Manager’s salary range and job description are provided in this article. It is recommended that applicants review all of the notices provided on the official website before beginning their preparations.

Training Period and Salary Stipend for IDBI Assistant Manager

Those chosen for the IDBI Assistant Manager position must undergo training. Following their joining, the first year will be split into two:

  • Instruction in the classroom lasts for the first nine months.
  • After that, employment training lasts for three months. This will take into account an internship when the worker is required to work at a bank branch.

Allowance for Training

  • The applicants will get Rs. 2,500/-per month for the whole nine months.
  • During their internship, the monthly stipend will be Rs. 10,000.

IDBI Assistant Manager Salary Strucutre

We’ve included a table below so that you can clearly see the Pay Scale for the IDBI Assistant Manager. Take a look at it:

IDBI Bank Assistant Manager Salary Structure
Training Period- 9 monthsRs. 2500/- per month
Internship Period- 3 monthsRs. 10,000/- per month
Initial Basic Pay (Full Time)Rs. 36,000/-
Max. Basic PayRs. 63840/-
Pay Scale36000-1490(7)-46430-1740 (2)–49910–1990(7)-63840 (17 years)

IDBI Assistant Manager Compensation and Job Overview

Learning about the job duties that the IDBI offers is a prerequisite before applying for the IDBI Bank Assistant Manager position. Some of the responsibilities of the IDBI Bank Assistant Manager are listed in this section. Take a look at them:

  • Managing secretarial duties: The Assistant Manager oversees all secretarial tasks. They oversee all monetary deposits and withdrawals.
  • Multitasker: Assistant managers are expected to handle all duties, including monitoring cash balances, making decisions, and overseeing secretarial work.
  • Customer service: The Assistant Manager’s primary responsibility is to assist clients and answer any questions they may have. Any number of facts, including papers and account statements, might be connected to it.
  • Roles particular to a branch: It is determined by the branch operation’s size. The Assistant Manager is responsible for completing certain responsibilities at any branch.
  • ATM-Related Solutions: The Assistant Manager sometimes responds to inquiries about misplaced ATM applications, fresh ATM requests, ATM pin numbers, and other issues.
  • Starting a business includes tasks like marketing bank goods, creating new accounts, and selling insurance, among other things. Additionally, it advertises other services and goods offered by the bank and its affiliates, including insurance plans, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and more.
  • One-stop solution: An assistant manager is responsible for managing all of the less experienced staff members and clients in a single location.
  • Financial Tasks: Primary objectives include getting loans back from those who have defaulted, speaking with clients to learn about their credit criteria, and reporting to authorities.

DBI Assistant Manager Perks and Benefits

DBI Assistant Manager Perks and Benefits
Dearness Allowance (DA)Based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which is refurbished every quarter. The DA is around 46% of the basic salary but can either increase or decrease depending on the inflation rate.
Accommodation AllowanceThis office is accessible instead of HRA. IDBI will give the official convenience as a rented convenience.
Medical AidIDBI pays a fixed yearly add-up to meet clinical costs.
Travelling AllowanceIDBI provides a fixed traveling allowance.
Newspaper ReimbursementThe bank pays a fixed sum towards the expense of one paper consistently.

IDBI Assistant Manager Professional Development

IDBI Assistant Manager Career Growth will be determined by the bank’s performance and history. The IDBI Assistant Manager’s Career Growth is covered in the list below:

  • IDBI Assistant Manager (Grade A)
  • Manager (Grade B)
  • Assistant General Manager (Grade C)
  • Assistant General Manager (Grade D)
  • Deputy General Manager (Grade D)
  • General Manager (Grade E)
  • Chief General Manager (Grade F)
  • Executive Director

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