NABARD Grade A Salary, NABARD Grade A In-Hand Salary 2024, Pay Scale, Job Profile

Grade A Salary by NABARD Are you open to learning more about the NABARD Grade A Salary? We are, therefore, here to assist applicants in receiving accurate information about the NABARD Grade A Salary Structure in addition to other features. The salary of the National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) is well regarded for a Grade A position. Many applicants are interested in learning the specifics of the NABARD Grade A Salary structure now that the announcement has been made public by the administration.

Each employee in Group A will get a generous wage. Candidates may also get information about NABARD Grade A Job Profile, NABARD Grade A Growth and Promotion, and NABARD Grade A Salary Structure in addition to the NABARD Grade A Salary. Assistant Manager is the position that NABARD Grade A falls under. The applicants’ job performance will determine whether or not the bank allows for promotions. To ensure that you do not overlook any of the crucial details about NABARD Grade A Salary, carefully read the whole text.

Grade A Salary by NABARD

The NABARD Grade A employee’s base salary is Rs. 28,150. The salary for a NABARD Grade A In Hand would be between Rs. 58,000 and Rs. 62,000 per month. The NABARD Grade A Salary package for each of the following years: 28,150-1550 (4 years), 34350-1750 (7 years), 46600, EB-1750 (4 years), 53600, 2000 (1 year), and 55600. Every four years, there would also be an increase of Rs. 1550. Nonetheless, the NABARD Grade A base salary of Rs. 44,850, which includes a Rs. 1750 increase, would continue to be paid to the next seven and beyond. The NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager’s base salary is around Rs. 55,600 on average. The initial gross salary is now about Rs. 70,000.

Grade A Salary Structure as Per NABARD

In the chart below, we have included the basic salary as well as additional allowance Salary for the applicants’ benefit. Every government employment will have both increases and decreases. View the NABARD Grade A Salary Structure by scrolling down.

NABARD Grade A Salary Structure
ParticularsAmount (in Rs.)
Basic PayRs. 28,150
Dearness AllowanceRs. 27,154
CCA/Local AllowanceRs. 1408
Grade AllowanceRs. 6000
Special AllowanceRs. 1625
Family AllowRs. 1126
Special Perq AllowRs. 2323
Total EarningsRs. 67,786
DeductionsRs. 9053.00
Net PayRs. 58,733

Grade A Salary Increments as Per NABARD

The first rise for job holders would be about Rs. 1550, and it will be given over the course of four years. Applicants may review the year-by-year increases in NABARD Grade A Salary, which are shown in tabular form below.

PeriodBasic Pay (INR)Increment (INR)
For the first four yearsRs. 28150Rs. 1550
For the next 7 yearsRs. 34350Rs. 1750
For the next 4 yearsRs. 46600Rs. 1750
For the next 4 yearsRs. 53600Rs. 2000 for 1 year
Max. Basic PayRs. 55,600Till retirement

Grade A Salary Deductions Per NABARD

Candidates should research the NABARD Grade A Salary deduction. These deductions will be made in accordance with each employee’s monthly salary. Examine the following table:

Prov. Fund/NPSRs. 6130
Medical PremiumRs. 180
Lounge SubsRs. 400
Income TaxRs. 2323
Relief Fund ContributionRs. 200
Total DeductionRs. 9053

Grade A Probation Period NABARD

The candidates who are chosen will go through the training programme set by NABARD’s administration. Also, this probationary term will last for about two years, with an extra year of extension possible. Through this procedure, trainees will learn about their obligations and tasks throughout this time. Following the probationary term, applicants will be assigned to various NABARD regional banks as Assistant Managers.

Assistant Manager Grade A Responsibilities

  • Including the actions carried out in rural regions in collaboration with the State Government and the Banking Industry
  • Work under the manager and do any clerical tasks that the CGM assigns you.
  • handling issues pertaining to agriculture and rural development policies for several State and Federal Government initiatives

NABARD Grade A Work Description

Every person with an Assistant Manager position at NABARD will fit a certain work description. The authorities will assign the appropriate employment position based on the candidate’s qualifications. Applicants must report to the Chief General Manager (CGM) at the NABARD headquarters.

NABARD Grade A Salary Advancement & Development

The information on the applicants’ prospects for advancement and future career progress for the NABARD Grade A Salary is provided in this section. Take a look at them:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Chief General Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Director

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