Goa Police Constable Salary, Goa Police Constable Salary Structure 2024, Job Profile

Salary for a Goa Police Constable Candidates looking for comprehensive information about the salary of a Goa police constable are at the correct spot. The following is an article that includes all the information on the salary structure for Goa police constables. Candidates may also review information on the Goa Police Constable Job Profile, Benefits and Allowances, and Career Growth in addition to the Salary specifics for the position. The monthly wage of a Goa Police Constable is expected to range between Rs. 19900 to Rs. 63200.

Salary of a Goa Police Constable

The Goa Police Constable Salary will be determined by the Goa Police Department officials. The Goa Police Constable’s wage will be determined by the authorities in accordance with the seventh Salary commission. Candidates may also discover information about the probationary period, in-hand Salary, wage slips, yearly package, and other topics in this post.

Salary Structure for Goa Police Constable Positions

The following table contains information about the Pay Scale for a Goa police constable.

Salary Structure
Dearness Allowance
House Rent Allowance
Fuel Expenses
Conveyance Allowance
Foreign Travel
Deputation Allowance
Medical allowance
Refreshment allowance
Provident Fund
Subsidized Bills
Child care Allowance
Subsistence Allowance
TA on Retiring
TA on Transfer
Travelling Allowance
Briefcase Allowance
Daily Allowance
Cash Handling Allowance
Children Education Allowance

Job Profile of a Goa Police Constable

The following contains all of the information on the Goa Police Constable Job Profile.

  • A Goa Police Constable’s primary duty is to safeguard public property.
  • The Goa Police Constable must uphold and maintain public order. They must also prevent crime and lessen the potential for the Department of the same.
  • The duties of the Goa Police Constable include promoting internal security and stopping terrorist activity.

Salary Slip for Police Constable in Goa

At the conclusion of each month, the Goa Police Constable will get their salary slip. The information on this Goa Police Constable Salary Slip includes base salary, deductions, and allowances, among other things. The Goa Police Constable Salary Slip is used for income tax reasons among other things. submitting loan applications, etc.

Salary of a Goa Police Constable in Hand

The remuneration range for the chosen applicants for the Goa Police Constable post is Rs. 19900 to Rs. 63200 per month. The Goa Police Constable In Hand Salary, basic salary, and allowances will be awarded to the chosen applicants.

Goa Police Constable Salary and Benefits

Along with the base Salary, those selected for the position of Goa Police Constable would also earn a number of extra benefits and allowances. The following is how the list of allowances is displayed:

  • Ample paternal and maternal leave
  • Job training
  • Child safety
  • Bonus
  • Pension
  • Paid holidays
  • Leave and travel concession
  • Health insurance
  • Government accommodation
  • Transport facility or vehicle
  • Fixed personal Salary
  • Professional development
  • Increments and incentives
  • The ability to work from home
  • Medical facilities

Probation Period for Police Constables in Goa

Candidates must go through the Goa Police Constable Probation Period after being chosen for the position of constable. The Goa Police Constable Probation Period lasts for two years on average. The candidates are eligible to take use of all the above-mentioned extra benefits and allowances when their Goa Police Constable Probation Period is over.

Career Growth for Police Constables in Goa

Candidates selected to be Goa Police Constables would have plenty of chances to advance in their careers. The applicant will be promoted to higher positions based on their performance and expertise.

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