BOB SO Salary, BOB SO Salary Structure 2024, Perks & Allowances

BOB SO Salary, For applicants looking for the BOB SO Salary, this is the ideal article. In this post, we have covered all thing there is to know about the Bank of Baroda SO Salary. You should read the material provided in this post if you’re interested in learning the true BOB Specialist Officer Salary facts. In the section that follows, we have included information on the Bank of Baroda SO Salary Structure.

BOB SO Salary

Before applying for the post of BOB Specialist Officer, candidates must be aware of all the data about the BOB Specialist Officer Salary. The candidates will learn about the salary structure, Bank of Baroda SO Perks & Allowances, perks, and other information by reading this post.

Structure of Bank Of Baroda SO Salary

The monthly sum of the Bank of Baroda SO Salary, including extra allowances, is Rs. 42990, whereas the basic BOB SO Salary is Rs. 23700. The following table shows the Pay Scale for a Bank of Baroda SO.

BOB SO Salary: Salary Structure
Name Of The PostPay Scale
Corporate & Inst. CreditRs. 48170-1740(1)–49910-1990(10)–69810
Corporate & Inst. CreditRs. 63840-1990(5)–73790-2220(2)–78230
Credit Analyst
Relationship ManagerRs. 76010-2220(4)–84890-2500(2)–89890

Benefits & Allowances for Bank of Baroda SO

The chosen applicants who are posted as BOB SOs will get a number of extra perks and bonuses in addition to the BOB SO salary, which are detailed below.

  • Travel Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Accommodation
  • Travel Allowance

Other Benefits of a Bank Of Baroda SO

  • Not much work pressure
  • Holiday homes
  • Provident fund
  • Low rate of interest
  • House loan
  • Bonuses

Pay Scale for Bank of Baroda SO

The Bank of Baroda SO Pay Scale is available for applicants to see here. The following table contains all of the information related to the Bank of Baroda SO Pay Scale.

Officer JMG Scale-IRs.14,500-600(7)-18,700-700(2)-20,100-800(7)–25,700
Officer MMG Scale-IIRs.19,400-700(1)-20,100-800(10)–28,100

The posts according to the above Pay Scale are:

Law OfficerScale-I
I.T. OfficerScale-I
Agricultural Field OfficerScale-I
Marketing OfficerScale-I
HR/Personnel OfficerScale-I
Rajbhasha AdhikariScale-I
Law OfficerScale-II
Chartered AccountantScale-II
I.T. OfficerScale-II

BOB SO Professional Development

At Bank Of Baroda, applicants will have prospects for fast-paced professional progression. Opportunities for professional advancement are given to each employee equally. Promotions within public sector firms will be granted by Bank of Baroda to its employees based on their work experience. The following table provides information on the BOB SO Career Growth.

ScaleThe minimum time period required for promotion
Middle Management- Scale-II3 years
Middle Management- Scale-III6 years
Senior Management- Scale-IV9 years
Senior Management- Scale-V12 years
Top Management- Scale-VI15 years
Top Management- Scale-VII18 years

Bank Of Baroda Salary Slip for Staff

All Bank of Baroda SO workers will get a salary slip that includes information about their base Salary, deductions, data about their allowances, and other facts.

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