WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary, WBHRD Staff Nurse Salary Structure 2024, Perks & Allowances

Salary for Staff Nurses at WBHRB: The West Bengal Health Recruitment Board has announced the opening for Staff Nurse Grade II positions (GNM, Basic B.Sc., Post Basic B.Sc.). Participants need to be aware of the WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary if they have applied for the position of Staff Nurse. The WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary Structure data have been made public by the administration. We would want to provide further information on WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary, however. We may anticipate fierce competition among the chosen candidates since they will all be employed by the state government.

We thus like to pique curiosity about your preparedness. Three salary structures have been developed: WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary Structure, WBHRB Staff Nurse In Hand Salary, and WBHRB Staff Nurse Perks & Allowances. If you’d like more information on staff nurse salaries in West Bengal. For more details, please scroll down the page.

Salary of WBHRB Staff Nurses

It is important to take notice of the West Bengal Staff Nurse Salary highlighted elements. The chosen applicants would get a competitive salary of Rs. 29,800 per month at level 9. WBHRB Staff Nurses will have to go through a lengthy procedure. In addition to their score, candidates need to retain a mark throughout the interview. Candidates should also be aware of the job profile, which is covered in the section below. Regarding compensation, the West Bengal Staff Nurse would get Rs. 4,336 depending on how hard they work at their jobs.

Salary Structure for Staff Nurses at WBHRB

WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary Structure
Conducting BodyWest Bengal Health Recruitment Board
Post NameStaff Nurse
Basic PayRs 29,800 per month
Pay LevelLevel 9
Other AllowanceRs 4,336 (approx)
Job LocationWest Bengal

In-Hand WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary

The monthly allowances, gross pay, and basic pay are some of the criteria that will be taken into account when determining the WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary. The West Bengal staff nurse salary is Rs. 29,800 per month, whereas the WBHRB staff nurse salary structure is on pay level 9. In addition to basic salary, the employee is eligible for an annual stipend of Rs. 4,336. The total monthly salary for staff nurses at WBHRB would be Rs. 34,136.

WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary Package for the Year

The WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary Annual Package, inclusive of benefits and allowances, would range from Rs. 3,60,000 to Rs. 4,00,000. West Bengal Staff Nurse Salaries will fluctuate as soon as the applicants are hired on a permanent basis, including raises, bonuses, and other benefits.

WBHRB Salary Slip for Staff Nurses

The worker is in charge of maintaining security and compiling the WBHRB Staff Nurse Salary Slip each month. At the conclusion of the service, the wage slip will be the most important aspect to consider. The monthly pay, deductions, and allowances are all included on the salary slip. This pay stub will serve as documentation for office work.

Probationary Salary Period for WBHRB Staff Nurses

Those who were chosen for the WBHRB Staff Nurse position are required to serve a probationary term. The prospects may contentedly enjoy their pay and benefits when they get a permanent position in the sector.

WBHRB Benefits & Allowances for Staff Nurses

The West Bengal Health Recruitment Board (WBHRB) offers the following benefits:

  • Traveling Allowances
  • Dearness Allowances
  • Medical Allowances
  • House Rent Allowances
  • Uniform Washing
  • Amenity Allowances, etc

Staff Nurse Job Description at WBHRB

These tasks must be completed by the chosen employee, who must also mentally note them. Here it is:

  • Constantly monitor the patient, especially throughout the recuperation phase, and provide the highest calibre of care
  • Recognise and arrange objects while receiving emergency care.
  • the capacity to mitigate hazards in the workplace and the need to provide solutions
  • In addition to making sure the applicants have access to oxygen, pay attention to the other factors.

WBHRB Staff Nurse Development and Advancement

Aspirants must establish a standard in the office. Your degree of diligence will propel you into the top industry. The promotion will come with a pay boost as well. Develop your career and get a great deal of experience to open up prospects as a staff nurse.

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