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Kerala TET Salary Structure, KTET Salary, Job Description, For candidates looking for information about KTET Salary, this is the appropriate article. This post contains all the information on the Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test Job Profile and Kerala TET Salary. Candidates should go through the information in this article on the Kerala TET Salary in order to have a thorough understanding of the KTET Salary.

KTET Salary

All of the specific information on the KTET Salary is included in this article. The candidates will learn about Kerala TET perks, Pay Scale, job profile data, and other information by reading this post. Details about a Kerala teacher’s compensation system are provided in the section that follows.

Kerala TET Pay Scale

Applicants may review the following table, which contains information regarding the Pay Scale for Kerala teachers.

Name of PositionsPay Scale (with Grade Pay)
Lower Primary Assistant (Category I)Rs. 25,200/- to Rs. 54,000/-
Upper Primary Assistant (Category II)Rs. 25,200/- to Rs. 54,000/-
High School Assistant (Category III)Rs. 29,200/- to Rs. 62,400/-

Kerala TET Benefits and Perquisites

The following is a list of benefits and perks that candidates for Kerala TET appointments would enjoy.

  • Continuous work environment
  • Simple to submit a leave request
  • Adaptable working hours
  • offers campus shuttles for passenger transportation

Job Description for Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test

The following obligations must be met by the selected applicants for the Kerala teaching position.

  1. Those in Category 1 are eligible to apply to be Lower Primary School teachers.
  2. Those in Category 2 who meet the requirements to teach in upper primary schools
  3. Category 3: Those applicants who meet the requirements to teach high school
  4. Category 4: Candidates competent to teach Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, and Specialised Languages; also includes Physical Education Teachers.
  • Teachers in Kerala are responsible for keeping an eye on the classroom and scheduling classes.
  • Both the lesson plans and the class notes must be prepared in advance by the instructor.
  • Students must be motivated to plan their education and personal growth.
  • Based on their grades, performance, assignments, and marks, pupils must be assessed.
  • Candidates selected for Kerala teaching positions must arrange their lessons in accordance with the curriculum.

TET Allowances in Kerala

The chosen applicants for the Kerala Teacher post will earn several Kerala TET Allowances in addition to the base KTET Salary, which are listed below.

  • City Compensation Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • For Differently abled employee

The following table contains detailed information on Kerala TET Allowances

AllowancesPay Scale (per month)
Dearness Allowance (DA)Rs. 4536/-
House Rent Allowance (HRA)Rs. 1500/- (B2 class cities & above) Rs. 1250/- (Other cities & towns) Rs. 1000/- (Others)
City Compensation AllowanceRs. 440/-
For Differently abled employeeRs. 800/-

Kerala TET Career Advancement and Development

Promotions are essential to a person’s professional growth. Candidates who are hired as Kerala Teachers will have plenty of chances to advance in their careers. Promotions to higher positions will be granted to applicants on the basis of their experience and performance.

  • Senior teachers in elementary and secondary schools may be promoted from among the applicants who are assigned as Kerala Teachers.
  • The Kerala Teachers will have the chance to work as assistant teachers in elementary or secondary education.
  • may work as a primary or secondary school headmaster.
  • He will have the opportunity to lead upper-grade schools as a principal.

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