AP Police SI Salary, AP Police SI Salary Structure 2024, Perks & Allowances

AP Police SI Salary: Candidates for the role of Andhra Pradesh Police SI will be chosen by the higher authorities of the Andhra Pradesh State Level Police Recruitment Board. An impressive sum of money will be awarded to the candidates who are chosen and employed as Andhra Pradesh Police SIs. The base salary range for Andhra Pradesh Police SIs is between Rs. 28940 to Rs. 78910. More information on the salary of an AP Police Sub Inspector is provided below.

Salary for AP Police SI

Candidates may review the information below if they’re interested in learning more about the AP Police SI Salary Structure, Andhra Pradesh Police SI Benefits & Allowances, and the specifics of the job description. The seventh pay commission will be followed in determining the AP Police SI Salary.

Salary Structure for AP Police SI

This article discusses the specifics of the AP Police SI compensation system. The salary rate for those selected to be Andhra Pradesh Police SIs would range from around Rs. 28940 to Rs. 78910. The chosen applicant will get the Andhra Pradesh Police SI Salary in accordance with the seventh pay commission.

Salary of an AP Police Sub Inspector in Hand

The sum determined after basic pay, allowances, and deductions is the AP Police Sub Inspector In Hand Salary. The AP Police SI Salary will be determined by the seventh pay commission, as previously stated.

Police SI Perks & Allowances in Andhra Pradesh

Candidates who are chosen to be Andhra Pradesh Police SIs are also entitled to earn the stated benefits and allowances in addition to their salary.

  • Uniform & washing allowances
  • Loans relating to welfare
  • House rent allowance
  • Allowance for petrol
  • Risk Allowances
  • Compensation is also provided.
  • Hospital Facility

Job Description for Andhra Pradesh Police SI

The following work tasks and responsibilities must be completed by the individuals who have been chosen for the Andhra Pradesh Police SI post. The Andhra Pradesh Police SI is divided into four main sectors, which are

  • Law & Order
  • Investigation & Prosecution
  • Work at Railway Police Stations
  • Work as General Station House Officer

1. Sub Inspector of Law and Order

  • The Law & Order Sub Inspector is responsible for upholding political, social, communal, and other societal activities.
  • For personal supervision, it is necessary to set up beats and patrols and to look for and stop criminal activity.
  • Need to identify the problem areas and take the necessary action.
  • Law and order and counterterrorism activities must be maintained by the Law & Order Sub Inspector.
  • The Law & Order Sub Inspector is required to monitor individuals who exhibit antisocial behaviour.

2. Sub Inspector for Investigation and Prosecution

  • Examining and Bringing Charges When it comes to the investigation, the Sub Inspector has to go to the crime site as soon as possible and go over each and every little hint.
  • must take care of the matters that fall within your purview.
  • Examining and Bringing Charges The Sub Inspector must safeguard the crime scene for future investigations and ensure that the hints are preserved immediately.
  • The Prosecution & Investigation The Sub Inspector’s responsibilities include providing the complainant with a complimentary copy of multiple reported instances, sending the court the original F.I.R. and copies to their superiors.

3. Take a job at a railway police station Sub-Inspector

  • When necessary, you must guarantee the security preparations.
  • All local police duties must be fulfilled by the Railway Police sub-inspectors.
  • Must use initiative when called upon
  • When necessary, keep the peace and order on platforms, parcel offices, cloakrooms, and other locations.

4. Serve as a house officer at a general station

  • The tasks of a General Station House Officer include maintaining the station properly and making good use of its facilities and equipment.
  • The Sub-Inspector in charge of the police station will receive the charges related to police administration.
  • The General Station House Office is responsible for overseeing the police station’s operations and making sure that the public receives all required replies promptly.

Andhra Pradesh Police SI Promotion

The expected Andhra Pradesh Police SI Promotion is given as follows

  • Assistant Sub Inspector of Police (ASI)
  • Inspector of Police (Insp)
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)
  • Superintendent of Police (SP)
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)
  • Inspector-General of Police (IGP)
  • Director-General of Police (Addl. DGP)
  • Director-General of Police (DGP)

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