JKSSB Sub Inspector Salary, JKSSB SI Salary Structure 2024, Perks & Benefits

Salary for JKSSB Sub Inspectors Candidates who are chosen for the Jammu and Kashmir SSB Sub Inspector post could anticipate receiving competitive Salary in addition to perks and benefits. In this post, we have covered the Jammu and Kashmir SSB Sub Inspector Salary in great depth. Approximately Rs. 35700 per month in the first year, Rs. 36800 per month in the second, and Rs. 37900 per month in the third would be paid to the applicants chosen for the Jammu and Kashmir SSB Sub Inspector position. An SSB Sub Inspector in Jammu and Kashmir would get almost Rs. 112100 per month after receiving an annual Salary hike.

Salary of a JKSSB Sub Inspector

The chosen applicants would get the JKSSB Sub Inspector Salary according to their rank (6C). In addition to the base salary, the JKSSB Sub Inspector will also earn a number of additional JKSSB Sub Inspector Perks & Benefits. To learn more about the Jammu and Kashmir SSB Sub Inspector Job Profile and the JKSSB Sub Inspector Salary Structure, read the following.

Salary Structure for JKSSB Sub Inspectors

Applicants should review the accompanying table to learn more about the JKSSB Sub Inspector Salary Structure.

JKSSB Sub Inspector Salary Structure
Level 6C Pay ScaleRs. 35700-113100 (i.e. 9300-34800 Grade Pay 4240*)
Total Salary in MonthRs. 48000-51000 per month
Net Salary per MonthRs. 44000-47000 per month

Salary Slip for Sub Inspector at JKSSB

The JKSSB Sub Inspector will get a JKSSB Sub Inspector Salary Slip at the end of each month. All of the information, including base salary, deductions, and allowance details, is included on the JKSSB Sub Inspector Salary Slip. There are several purposes for the JKSSB Sub Inspector Salary Slip, including personal and loan application assistance.

Job Description for SSB Sub Inspector in Jammu and Kashmir

The job duties of an SSB Sub Inspector in Jammu and Kashmir are as follows.

  • The JKSSB Sub Inspector may want to see certain papers throughout the course of the investigation; you must abide by this request.
  • In order to restore law and order and disperse an unruly throng, the JKSSB Sub Inspector must employ force.
  • Without or with a warrant, the JKSSB Sub Inspector is able to make an arrest.
  • They are required to look into any matter pertaining to the Indian Penal Code, state laws, and any special legislation passed by Parliament.
  • A person, their car, or their property must be searched by the JKSSB Sub Inspector.

Benefits and Perks for JKSSB Sub Inspectors

The advantages and benefits that a JKSSB Sub Inspector will have are as follows:

  • HRA, or house rent allowance, is equal to 24 percent of the base Salary in all metropolitan areas (X-class cities), 16 percent in Y-class cities like Srinagar, Uttar Pradesh, and Jammu, Uttarakhand, and 8 percent in Z-class locations for officer jobs.
  • Dearness Allowance (DA) is equivalent to 28 percent of base salary.
  • Additional reimbursed costs

Salary for JKSSB Sub Inspector In-Hand

In addition to the extra JKSSB Sub Inspector Perks & Benefits, the selected candidates for the position of JKSSB Sub Inspector would get a base salary of Rs. 35700 per month. The monthly salary range for a JKSSB Sub Inspector in Hand is about between Rs. 44000 and Rs. 47000.

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