RUHS Medical Officer Salary, RUHS Medical Officer In-Hand Salary 2024, Job Profile, Perks & Additional Benefits

Salary of RUHS Medical Officer, Before applying for the position of Rajasthan RUHS Medical Officer, candidates should be informed of the RUHS Medical Officer Salary. A substantial compensation will be awarded to the individuals who are chosen for the role of RUHS Medical Officer. This page contains comprehensive information on the Rajasthan RUHS Medical Officer Salary. Aspirants should go through the next parts of this post to learn all there is to know about the RUHS Medical Officer In Hand Salary, RUHS Medical Officer Job Profile, and Rajasthan RUHS Medical Officer Perks & Additional Benefits.

Salary of RUHS Medical Officer

For many people, working for the Rajasthan RUHS is their dream job. However, in order to apply to become a Rajasthan RUHS Medical Officer, applicants must be aware of the duties and job description. The RUHS Medical Officer Job Profile, probationary term, and pay scale are all covered in full in the sections that follow. On the other hand, Level 14’s pay scale falls between Rs. 15,600 and Rs. 39,100, with a probationary period of one year. The Medical Attendance Allowance of Rs. 17,400 per month would be increased to Rs. 39,300 per month, making a total monthly payment of Rs. 56,700.

Job Profile for RUHS Medical Officers:

Details of the RUHS Medical Officer Job Profile are provided here. The tasks listed below are part of an RUHS Medical Officer’s job description.

  • Medical officers at RUHS are responsible for monitoring adherence to safety protocols and healthcare laws.
  • The chosen applicants for the RUHS Medical Officer position will be expected to communicate with administrative and medical personnel and report to senior management.
  • It is necessary to guarantee that the greatest standards of patient care are maintained.
  • Need to support treatment programmes and validate difficult diagnoses.
  • The RUHS Medical Officer is responsible for overseeing allotted funds and identifying areas in need of improvement.
  • Need to stay up to date on industry developments and participate in medical research initiatives.
  • Clinical knowledge must be contributed to patient care, and younger staff members must receive guidance from you.
  • When appointed as Medical Officers, candidates are expected to handle risk and handle administration.
  • collaborating with consultants and managing, recruiting, and training medical staff.
  • The applicants must guarantee correct and dependable medical recording procedures.

Probationary RUHS Medical Officer Period

The selected candidates for the role of RUHS Medical Officer are required to complete a one-year training programme. The RUHS Medical Officer Probation term is everything that is included in the one-year training term. Upon fulfilling the requirements of the RUHS Medical Officer Probation Period, candidates may be eligible for additional perks and allowances.

RUHS Medical Officer in Hand Salary

According to the seventh pay commission, the candidates who make the short list and are hired as RUHS Medical Officers will get the RUHS Medical Officer In Hand Salary, which is about Rs. 56700.

Rajasthan RUHS Medical Officer Benefits & Extras

Candidates selected for the position of RUHS Medical Officer will earn a number of extra benefits and allowances in addition to the base pay. The applicants would get the following list of Rajasthan RUHS Medical Officer Perks & Additional Benefits upon completion of their probationary term.

  • Job security
  • Reimbursement for one cell phone
  • Petrol reimbursement
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)

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