RBI Grade B Salary, RBI Grade B Salary Structure 2024, Perks & Allowances

RBI Grade B Pay Scale, The Reserve Bank of India would Salary a generous RBI Grade B Salary to those who are chosen and appointed as RBI Grade B personnel. Read through every detail in this post if you’ve always wanted to know all there is to know about the Reserve Bank of India Grade B Salary. The candidates will have a comprehensive understanding of the Reserve Bank of India Group B Job Profile, RBI Grade B Perks & Allowances, and RBI Grade B Salary Structure information by reading this article.

RBI Grade B Salary

We have included comprehensive information regarding the RBI Grade B Salary and the RBI Grade B Salary Structure in the sections that follow. In addition to learning about Reserve Bank of India Grade B salaries, applicants may also review information on deductions, raises, career advancement, and promotions for Grade B officers.

RBI Grade B Salary Structure

In accordance with the regulations that are in effect from time to time, candidates who are chosen to be RBI Grade B officers will start off with a base salary of Rs. 55,200 per month, which falls within the Pay Scale of Rs. 55200-2850(9)-80850-EB-2850 (2) – 86550-3300(4)-99750 (16 years). Additionally, they will be eligible for Dearness Allowance, Local Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Family Allowance, and Grade Allowance. The starting gross monthly salary is now 1,08,404/- (roughly). In the event that the Bank does not offer housing, the House Allowance, which is 15% of Basic Salary, will be paid. The Pay Scale for an RBI Grade B officer is broken out in the following table.

RBI Grade B Salary Structure
RBI Grade B ParticularAmount
Basic PayRs. 55,200
Grade AllowancesRs. 6,800
Dearness AllowancesRs. 23,144
Housing AllowanceRs. 5273
CVPS IncentivesRs. 827
Special Prerequisite AllowancesRs. 1465
Special Allowances- Direct RecruitRs. 1800
Local Compensatory AllowancesRs. 3664
Meal AllowanceRs. 160
Gross PayRs. 1,08,404

RBI Grade B Perquisites & Benefits

The following list of extra benefits and allowances will be given to candidates selected as RBI Grade B officers in addition to the RBI Grade B salary.

  • Dearness allowances (DA)
  • Fuel allowance
  • House Rent Allowances (HRA)
  • Maid allowance of 3000 per month
  • Phone allowance
  • Medical allowances (MA)
  • Leave Fare Concession Travel (LFC)
  • Education allowances
  • Conveyance allowance (CA)
  • Briefcase Allowances
  • Special Allowance
  • Briefcase Allowances
  • Grade Allowance
  • Pension

RBI Grade B Increments

An increase of Rs. 1750 would be given to the chosen applicants for the position of RBI Grade B officer (up to 9 years).
And after a full nine years, the base salary is: Get paid an additional Rs. 50,900: Rs. 1750 per two years.
Additionally, they will earn a further rise of Rs. 2000 for the next four years, after which their base salary would be Rs. 54400.
The RBI Grade B officer’s highest base salary upon completion of 16 years would be Rs. 62400.

Grade B Deductions from RBI

You may learn more about the RBI Grade B Deductions in the table that follows.

EE NPS Contrib AmountRs. 6509
Prof Tax-split periodRs. 200
BF EE NPS Monthly ContribRs. 13,018
House Rent RecoveryRs. 620
Meal Coupon DeductionRs. 400
MAFRs. 300
RBI Officers AssociationRs. 40
Sports Club MembershipRs. 30
Income FaxRs. 5319
Total DeductionsRs. 26,436

RBI Career Development and Promotion to Grade B

The applicants chosen for the RBI Grade B test will be assigned to the position of Assistant in RBI. The following is a list of the chosen applicants’ career development and promotions.

  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Chief General Manager
  • Principal Chief General Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Deputy Governor
  • Governor

RBI Job Profile for Grade B

The RBI Grade B test qualified candidates will be assigned to various posts. Candidates with a background in finance will be positioned as HRDs, and vice versa, once they are placed at random. Candidates may be assigned to positions in foreign exchange, HRD, public debt office, financial markets, currency issuance, banking regulation, and supervision of banks. The duties assigned to various departments varies.

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