Punjab ETT Teacher Salary, Punjab ETT Teacher Salary Structure 2024, Perks & Benefits

Salary of Punjab ETT Teachers Those looking for information about Punjab ETT Teacher Salary can read this post. The Punjab Education Board ETT Teacher Salary is a substantial sum that will be awarded to the individuals who are chosen for the Punjab ETT Teacher position.

This page includes all the information a candidate seeking a position as a Punjab ETT teacher needs to know about the salary structure, job profile, and perks and benefits offered to Punjab ETT teachers. To learn all there is to know about the Salary for Punjab ETT teachers, read the whole article.

Salary of Punjab ETT Teachers

Candidates may learn more about the Punjab ETT Teacher Salary Structure by reading this article. Following the probationary term, the applicants who made the short list for the written test for Punjab ETT Teachers will be assigned as Punjab ETT Teachers and would be able to receive extra benefits and allowances. We have also included information regarding the Punjab ETT Teacher’s hand Salary and probationary term in the parts that follow.

Punjab Salary Structure for ETT Teachers

The wage structure for a Punjab ETT teacher is offered here; prospective candidates may quickly review the table below.

Punjab ETT Salary Structure
Pay ScaleRs. 29,200/-
Grade PayRs. 4,200/-

Punjab ETT Teacher in Hand Salary

The Punjab ETT Teacher test qualified candidates would earn an in-hand salary of Rs. 10,300, along with other perks and allowances under the seventh Salary commission.

Punjab ETT Teacher Annual Package

Under SCERT Punjab, individuals who make the short list and are appointed as Punjab ETT Teachers will be paid a respectable Punjab ETT Teacher Salary. The chosen applicants would get an annual package of around Rs. 540000.

Punjab ETT Probationary Period for Teachers

The Punjab ETT Teacher Probation Period is required of the candidates who have been chosen and assigned as Punjab ETT Teachers. Two years is the probationary term for Punjab ETT Teachers; upon successfully completing this time, candidates would be eligible for further benefits and allowances.

Punjab ETT Teacher Benefits and Perquisites

Numerous Punjab ETT instructor Perks & Benefits are available to the Punjab ETT Primary instructor. Below is a list of the benefits and allowances that Punjab ETT teachers got as part of the seventh Salary commission.

  • House Rent Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance and so on

Punjab ETT Teacher Job Description

Following acceptance into the Punjab ETT Teacher role, candidates must complete the following list of duties.

  • Punjab ETT instructors need to Salary close attention to their students’ ethical and emotional growth in addition to their academic progress.
  • Being a teacher is a tough and accountable job. In addition to instructing their pupils, applicants appointed as Punjab ETT teachers are tasked with guiding their lifestyles as law-abiding citizens.

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