BPSC Auditor Salary, BPSC Auditor In-Hand Salary 2024, Perks & Benefits

Salary for BPSC Auditors, Applicants may review the information provided in this article to find out the BPSC Auditor Salary. The next parts of this article provide all the information you need to know about the BPSC Auditor In-Hand Salary, BPSC Auditor Perks & Benefits. We ask that candidates go through the parts below to learn more about the BPSC Auditor Salary Structure.

Salary for BPSC Auditors

The BPSC Auditor Salary will be determined by BPSC officials, who oversee the commission. We have provided information about the BPSC Auditor Salary Structure in the area below. For those applicants who are looking, we have provided all the information about the Bihar PSC Auditor Salary.

BPSC Auditor Salary Structure

The chosen applicants for the position of BPSC Auditor will also get extra allowances in addition to the BPSC Auditor Salary. Below is a list of the BPSC Auditor’s allowances.

  • House Rent Allowance
  • Fuel Expenses
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Medical Allowances

Annual Package for BPSC Auditors

  • A BPSC auditor’s base salary is Rs. 5200, while their grade Salary is Rs. 2800.
  • A BPSC Auditor’s yearly compensation will range from around Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 3.6 lakhs.
  • Level 5 commission admission for the participant chosen for the BPSC Auditor position would range from Rs. 5200 to Rs. 20200.

Benefits and Perks for BPSC Auditors

The candidates who are chosen to fill the position of BPSC Auditor will be eligible for a number of perks and benefits. The following is a list of benefits and perks for BPSC auditors:

  • Government accommodations/HRA allowances
  • Traveling facility with the cost of transportation
  • Admirable medical facilities
  • Regular increments and incentives
  • Enough paternal and maternal leaves
  • Excellent job training
  • Leave and travel concession
  • Safety of family
  • Health insurance policy
  • Development of professional and soft skills

Salary of BPSC Auditor In Hand

The BPSC Auditor will get an increased remuneration in addition to basic Salary and allowances. The range of the BPSC Auditor is Rs. 5200 to Rs. 20200. The monthly salary of a BPSC auditor ranges from about Rs. 26000 to Rs. 32000.

Job Profile for BPSC Auditors

In this section, the work profile of a BPSC auditor is covered. The following is a list of requirements that applicants selected to be Bihar PSC auditors must meet.

  • The applicants must keep a variety of documents detailing the department’s expenses, finances, and other details.
  • The candidates keep track of their revenue and expense datasheets and excel sheets, auditing them often to ensure proper operation.
  • Group C comprises the applicants hired for the department’s BPSC service position.
  • The person chosen for the BPSC Auditor position would be employed by the Panchayat Raj of BPSC as an auditor.
  • This is not a gazetted service.

Career Growth and Promotion for BPSC Auditors

Career advancement is one of the most crucial components of any job for every applicant. Government personnel have a well-recognized professional advancement programme. Once the probationary term is over, the applicants may take use of the extra BPSC Auditor Perks & Benefits.

Probation Period for BPSC Auditors

To be considered for the role of permanent employee as a BPSC Auditor, applicants must work for nine months. After the probationary time is over, the candidates will get their allowances. After the probationary term is over, the BPSC Auditor is eligible to take advantage of the BPSC Auditor Perks & Benefits.

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