JKPSC Prosecuting Officer Salary, JKPSC Prosecuting Officer Salary Structure 2024, Job Profile

Salary for Prosecuting Officer at JKPSC In this post, we’ve covered all the information there is to know about the salary of the prosecuting officer at JKPSC. The JKPSC Prosecuting Officer Salary is something that every applicant must be aware of.

The candidates will learn everything there is to know about the Jammu and Kashmir PSC Prosecuting Officer Salary by reading the material given in this post. It is requested of the applicants to review the information below in order to fully understand the compensation of the JKPSC Prosecuting Officer.

Salary of JKPSC Prosecuting Officer

In the sections below, we’ve also included information regarding the JKPSC Prosecuting Officer Salary Structure. The official announcement has disclosed the salary data for the Prosecuting Officer at JKPSC. The next parts include the list of advantages, rewards, job profiles, and other topics.

Pay Scale for Prosecuting Officers at JKPSC

The monthly Salaryment slips, which include tax deductions and allowances, will be sent to the chosen applicants for the position of JKPSC Prosecuting Officer. The salary range for the JKPSC Prosecuting Officer is Rs. 47600 to Rs. 151100, which also includes other allowances like as housing rent, medical, and dearness allowances.

Benefits of the JKPSC Prosecuting Officer

Additional benefits will be awarded to the individuals who have been chosen and appointed as the JKPSC Prosecuting Officer. The list of benefits for JKPSC prosecuting officers is provided below for applicants to review.

  • Dearness allowance
  • Medical allowance
  • Pensionable salary till death
  • The government posts come with social security as well
  • Have a good promotional scope
  • House rent allowance

Annual Package for Prosecuting Officers at JKPSC

This section discusses the yearly package of a JKPSC prosecuting officer. The remuneration of the JKPSC Prosecuting Officer will change according on the deductions and allowances made. The annual package for the JKPSC Prosecuting Officer varies from Rs. 571200 to Rs. 1813200.

Job Profile for JKPSC Prosecuting Officer

The following list of tasks and responsibilities applies to applicants selected to be the JKPSC Prosecuting Officer. The following is a list of duties that a prosecuting officer of the JKPSC should perform:

  • Serving the interests of justice, which are also in the public interest, is the primary responsibility of a public prosecutor.
  • To help the court reach a just verdict, the JKPSC Prosecuting Officers are required to act impartially and provide all pertinent case-related information, documentation, and evidence.
  • In criminal proceedings, the state will assign the JKPSC Officer to represent the state’s interests.
  • The JKPSC Prosecuting Officer ought to be unbiased, equitable, and truthful, and they shouldn’t support the accused’s conviction.
  • After the police have finished their investigation and submitted the charge sheet to the court, the prosecuting officer’s primary responsibility starts.

Career Development and Promotion for JKPSC Prosecuting Officers

The JKPSC Prosecuting Officer would have excellent prospects for both professional and personal career progression. Based on the prosecutor’s performance, the JKPSC will determine the prosecutor’s promotion and career growth.

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