ITBP Constable Salary, ITBP Constable In Hand Salary 2024, Allowances & Benefits

Salary for ITBP Constables, In-Hand Salary, Perquisites & Benefits, Would you be interested in learning more about the salary of an ITBP constable? After that, you should read the article. The most recent notice was released by the Indo Tibetan Border Police Force. The ITBP Constable positions are now open, according to the authorities.

Everyone who applied needed to be aware with the various departments’ ITBP Constable Salary. The facts about the ITBP Constable In Hand Salary, Allowances, Benefits, and Pay Scale have all been included in this page. Please have a look at the details provided below and the ITBP Constable Salary image.

Salary of an ITBP Constable

The salary range for each applicant chosen for the position of ITBP Constable is Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 30,000. Other advantageous allowances will be given by the Central Government in addition to the ITBP Constable In Hand Salary. The category of level 3 non-gazetted and non-ministerial includes ITBP Constable. If chosen for the position, candidates will get a generous remuneration from the federal government. Applicants interested in learning about the different departments’ Pay Scales for ITBP Constables should read the remaining portion of the article.

ITBP Constable’s Hourly Salary

The 7th Salary Commission is used by the national government to Salary eligible individuals for the position of ITBP Constable. The 7th Salary Commission states that an ITBP Constable is at level three. The commission’s set formula will serve as the foundation for the ITBP Constable Salary structure. The salary structure for an ITBP Constable is determined by the Pay Scale. The Pay Scale for all qualified personnel is between Rs. 21,700 and Rs. 69,100, while the in-hand salary for an ITBP constable is from Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 30,000.

Pay Scale for ITBP Constable Salary

The ITBP Constable Salary SalaryScale data are provided in this section. Salary for workers is determined by their job function. The federal government will not provide every employee with the same Pay Scale. The ITBP Constable Salary SalaryScale is available here. Take a look at them:

Constable (Crew)Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Animal Transport)Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Tradesman) (Tailor/ Cobbler/ Gardener)Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Followers) (Cook/ Water Carrier/ Barber/ Washerman/ Safai Karmachari)Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Telecommunication)Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Pioneer) (Electrician/ Plumber/ Carpenter/ Mason/ Blacksmith/ Welder/ Painter)Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Motor Mechanic)Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Driver)Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)

Constable Allowances for ITBP

The federal government will provide allowances to all qualified workers. This contributes to preserving the quality of life. The allowance will be paid under the 7th salary Commission based on basic salary. The ITBP Constable Allowances are listed in this section. Take a look at them:

  • Dearness Allowance
  • Ration Money
  • Special Compensatory Allowance while posted in specified border areas
  • free uniform
  • free accommodation or HRA
  • Transport Allowance
  • Free Leave Pass
  • Free medical facilities

ITBP Officer Benefits

The ITBP Constable’s employee will also get additional perks, including as

  • Canteens operated by the Home Ministry
  • challenging area allocation
  • Sportspeople may serve in the paramilitary and follow their vocation.

The Restructured Defined Contribution Pension Scheme will take the aforementioned jobs into consideration. The Salary for an ITBP Constable is comparable to a feat. Candidates that meet the qualifications will work there permanently.

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