HSSC TGT Salary, Haryana TGT Teacher Job Profile 2024

Salary for HSSC TGT, Candidates who want to apply for the Haryana TGT position should be aware of the specifics surrounding the HSSC TGT Salary. By reading this paper, the participants will have comprehensive understanding of the HSSC TGT Salary Structure.

In the parts that follow, we have covered every detail of the Haryana TGT Teacher Job Profile, the Haryana TGT Allowances, and the Haryana TGT Salary. To learn more about the remuneration information for the Haryana TGT, aspirants are requested to go through the parts below.

Salary for HSSC TGT

The HSSC TGT Salary and Pay Scale will be determined by HSSC authorities in accordance with the guidelines established by the seventh Salary commission. Candidates may read the material provided below to have a comprehensive understanding of the HSSC TGT Salary Structure.

The HSSC TGT Pay Scale

The applicants who are chosen for the Haryana TGT will be paid the HSSC TGT Salary, which ranges from rupees 44900 to rupees 142400, based on their seventh Salary. The promotion and professional advancement will come with a rise in the HSSC TGT Salary. The salary structure for HSSC TGT is shown in the following table.

Salary StructureDeductions
Dearness Allowance7%
House Rent Allowance24%
Provident Fund12% of Basic Pay

Job Profile of TGT Teachers in Haryana

The following job tasks must be fulfilled by the Haryana TGT chosen applicants.

  • The Haryana TGT applicant who is chosen must work with sixth through tenth grade students at the secondary level.
  • In order to be eligible for the Haryana TGT test, the candidate must have the necessary qualifications.
  • The candidate chosen for the HSSC TGT position would be employed as a teacher in any Haryanan government school.

TGT Probation Period in Haryana

The chosen assistants must complete a probationary term before they may start working with Haryana TGT on a permanent basis. The purpose of the probationary period is to determine whether or not the chosen applicants’ job performance satisfies the necessary requirements. The typical probationary period for TGT in Haryana is two years. Probation periods might vary based on the circumstances.

Haryana TGT Benefits

There are many TGT Allowances in Haryana. In addition to the HSSC TGT Salary, applicants who are chosen for the Haryana TGT test will earn other benefits and allowances. The section below includes a list of Haryana TGT Allowances.

  • Transport facility or allowance
  • Increment and incentives
  • Paid holidays
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Ample paternal and maternal leaves
  • Bonus

Career Growth and Promotion for HSSC TGTs

Regardless of their position, government workers want to further their careers. With advancement in their job and salary increases, the candidate’s quality of life will rise. The individuals who are chosen for the HSSC TGT position will get promotions after a two-year training period.

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