FCI Watchman Salary, FCI Watchman Salary Structure 2024, Job Profile, Career Growth

Salary for FCI Watchmen: Candidates should review the FCI Watchman Salary information before to applying for the test. Every applicant should review the full facts of the FCI Watchman Salary Structure. Participants will learn everything there is to know about the FCI Watchman Career Growth and Job Profile by reading this article. For all the details on the FCI Watchman Salary, we advise applicants to read the parts listed below.

Salary of an FCI Watchman

We have also included information regarding the FCI Watchman Pay Scale, additional allowances, and more in the sections that follow. The compensation structure for FCI Watchman positions is provided below; applicants may review the section for further information.

Salary Structure for FCI Watchmen

Those who are chosen for an FCI Watchman position would be eligible to earn a sizable FCI Watchman Salary, according to the official notification issued by the Food Corporation of India. Candidates interested in becoming FCI Watchmen may see the chart below to learn more about the Pay Scale.

Salary Inputs Amount in INR
Pay -Scale23,300 to 64,000
Starting Pay23,300
Dearness Allowance @ 23.12%5386
HRA @ 24%5592
Gross In-hand salary34,278
Other AllowancesCPF
Leave Travel Concessions
Leave Encashment

Job Description for an FCI Watchman

If chosen for the FCI Watchman position, the chosen applicant must carry out the following duties.

  • Make sure the company’s assets are safe and secure.
  • Need to monitor the area on a frequent basis to ensure that no suspicious activity or malpractices are occurring.
  • The FCI Watchman is responsible for reviewing the directives issued by higher-ups and ensuring that all administrative work is completed.

Career Growth for FCI Watchmans

On its official website, the Food Corporation of India has not provided any information on the FCI Watchman Career Growth. Given that FCI Watchman is a government position, applicants could anticipate a competitive wage and potential Pay Scale increases.

Salary of an FCI Watchman in Hand

An FCI Watchman’s in-hand salary is disclosed inside the company. The salary range for an FCI watchman on duty is Rs. 23300 to Rs. 64000. The advancement of the FCI Watchman Salary is contingent upon the candidate’s performance. In addition to their base income, individuals selected for the position of FCI Watchman will earn a number of extra perks and allowances.

Annual Package for FCI Watchman

Once hired as an FCI Watchman, the applicants will get a respectable FCI Watchman Salary in addition to a number of other allowances and perks. An FCI Watchman may expect to earn between Rs. 2,79,600 and Rs. 7,68,000. All of the advantages are included in the FCI Watchman Annual Package that was previously discussed.

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